• Securing Valid IDs
  • Sorting Out City Fines and/or Legal Obligations
  • Seeking Psychiatric or Mental Evaluations
  • Establishing a Mailing Address (First Stop)
  • Completing Job Applications
  • Help Acquiring Suitable Clothes for a Job
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Vice President

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Vice President

First Stop, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) corporation established in 2001 to reduce the number of homeless persons in Huntsville/Madison County, Alabama communities. 

First Stop provides valuable services in the community by: 
  -Promoting rehabilitation of our homeless citizens; 
  -Facilitating their transition from the street into permanent housing 
  -Assisting their reintroduction into the workforce, and 
  -Providing them life-management-skills training to promote continued stability and growth.

Services Offered through First Stop


First Stop's efforts are funded through federal, state and local grants, planned outreach/fundraising efforts, generous contributions from organizations and gifts from interested individuals. 

Visitors are welcome to stop in and tour the First Stop facility anytime during business hours. 

Success stories

The path to empowerment and independence is paved with opportunities for increased independence, and growing skills. Read more about our clients' successes here.

about us

Foundation History

​​Paving a continuous path from homelessness to independent, sustainable living

First Stop, Inc.


Volunteers provide meals for breakfast and lunch in our facility and join us for outreach encounters in the homeless community.  Find out how to become our partner.

Paul Freeman


  • Transportation to Interviews & Appointments
  • Applying for Available Housing Programs
  • Providing Help with Rent or Utility Deposits
  • Help Furnishing a New Apartment
  • Assistance with Financial Management
  • Ongoing Guidance & Mentoring

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2001 - First Stop Program began as an independent sub-program of the Huntsville AL Interfaith Mission Service Inc.

2008 - program was separately incorporated under the name of First Stop, Inc.

April 2015 - First Stop, Inc.Green House project built in partnership with Publix produces enough to provide fresh produce at daily meals

June 2015  "Palletable Alternatives" furniture building project launched teaching valuable trade skills and  receiving monetary donations in exchange for furniture upgraded from cable spools and pallet wood. 

Late 2015 - Launched "Teach'em to Fish" where our clients farm earthworms otherwise known as vermiculture. Castings from the worms creates a compost tea that will feed our garden and other gardens in our community. 

OUR Mission

To encounter homeless people where they are, connect them to important services, and to empower them to independent, sustainable living.