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​them to important services


Our Mission

Materials that support our day to day operations are always needed and in cold weather, socks, coats, gloves and blankets are important necessities. 


​​Homeless people wHere they are

Since 2001, First Stop, Inc. has devoted its energy to passionately advocating for the homeless in Huntsville by providing a path from homelessness to independent, sustainable living. Find out how you can contribute to the future of someone in need through donations of money and time.

Phillip Moore

Case Manager

Tashaunda Weeks 

​Senior Case Manager

A hot cup of coffee can make a huge difference, and our clients go through a lot of non-dairy creamer and sugar in the Day Center. We need your help. Consider making a donation to our Coffee Fund. 

Contact our Operations Director Maggie Clark at admin@firststop.org or 25-533-3391 to donate.

The mission of First Stop is to encounter homeless people were they are, connect them to important services, and to empower them to independent, sustainable living.

Chaniece Hicks

Operations Manager

Urgent Needs


Tercell Clayborn

Case Manager



verbTo give someone the power to control their life and future. To make someone stronger and more confident.

Case Management

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the homeless to independent, sustainable living

Join us to provide breakfast or lunch, become part of one of our Encounter Groups, or donate Supplies.

Maggie Clark Operations Director

First Stop, Inc.

In-house Team

Tim Talley

Facilities Maintenance

​​Paving a continuous path from homelessness to independent, sustainable living